Lost and Found Pets

As a service to the neighborhood, we will post notices of lost and found pets in our area. If you would like to submit a request to post a notice, please contact us. We will post the notice as soon as possible.

New Park Hill Sign Finished

Thank you, Park Hill Sign Contributors!

The Park Hill sign, to be located at the north end of the Rumsey Road mall, has been completed and is now awaiting installation by the City’s Parks Department.  Prior to its installation, the existing brown Parks sign must be removed, along with the current landscaping, to make way for the Park Hill sign and new landscaping to complement it.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fund to make this sign possible.  There were almost 250 residents who included donations of $10 to $125 with their dues to support the Park Hill Residents’ Association.  The total amount raised from donations was $4,635 as of October 17, including contributions of $500 from former board member Sherman Pincus to get the fund started, and $130 from Vinny Pici, who won, then returned, his share of the 50/50 raffle at the 2011 Members’ Picnic.  Other notable contributors of $100 or more were Robert & Kim Grabel and Stan & Eva Radel.  Supplementing these donations were the other half of the 50/50 raffle and almost $600 raised by the Plant Sale last fall at the Racquet Club’s Pancake breakfast, organized by Kathryn Buckley.  A list of all contributors is in the Fall 2012 issue of the Park Hill Reporter.  Total funds raised for the sign were $ 5,348.

The cost of the 4 by 6 foot sign itself was $3,755, complete with gold leaf on the “Park Hill” and post finials, and 12 foot western cedar posts.  Although the Parks Department will be prepping the site and installing the sign, City budget constraints make it necessary for the PHRA to provide the funding for the new landscaping and its installation.  Funds raised beyond the cost of the sign will go towards this project, which we hope to complete this fall.

Thank you again to all our contributors and to Marge McLoughlin, our board member who picked up this long delayed project and pushed it to completion.

Park Hill Trivia Test - Summer 2011

In the last issue of our newsletter, we started a feature called the Park Hill Trivia Test.

Each issue will show a photo from somewhere in or near our neighborhood.  You must identify what or where (or both) it is.  Answers will be in the next issue and on the website.

Here is the current Trivia Test.

This playhouse is not a model and not tucked away in someone’s back yard.  With it’s heart-shaped window over an almost full size door and it’s eyebrow dormer almost covered with snow in this photo, it sits in a front yard in Park Hill.  Where is it?

Park Hill Trivia Test Spring 2011

In the latest issue of our newsletter, The Park Hill Reporter, we started a feature called the Park Hill Trivia Test.

Each issue will show a photo from somewhere in or near our neighborhood.  You must identify what or where (or both) it is.  Answers will be in the following issue and here on the website, at the link under the photo below.

Here is the current Trivia Test.

This weather vane is a clue to the fame of one of the home’s former residents.  Who was it and where is the house?

Click here for the answer

Volunteers Needed

Your home is part of a community. And fortunately, our community is a very strong and active one. We are involved with conservation of space within Park Hill, cleaning up and beautifying the neighborhood, political watchdogging and solidifying relationships with our police - just to name a few. We attend local government meetings and monthly police forums. We host house tours, annual events, annual meetings, holiday parties and more. Learn how to become an active member of Park Hill >>

Do you want to be an active part of the Park Hill Residents Association? The Board is currently seeking residents who would like to make a difference in the neighborhood. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us through our email form.

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